Assets of Singaporeans are safe with us

Do you have vast estates or own some property in Singapore? Whether you live in Singapore or elsewhere if you have property, estates in Singapore which you want to bequeath to someone, we will be able to help you. Our forte is local estate planning.

We customize our solutions in a manner so that you can give your loved ones share of your estate while you are alive. You can then live peacefully without worrying about what will happen to your estate. If your net worth is above a million dollars, then we will partner with you to serve your estate planning needs.

We have a very select clientele. We take you on only if you meet any of the following listed criteria.

  • You are a Singaporean with assets in Singapore or with business in Singapore or overseas.
  • You are a foreigner with assets in Singapore.
  • You are a business person who seeks succession planning in Singapore
  • You are parents or have dependents who are minors, below the age of twenty one or are weak in money management.

We have a multi-pronged approach to estate planning. Our services are focused around the following objectives.

  • We determine your wishes and intentions
  • We consider your financial circumstances
  • We use estate planning tools to legalize your intentions
  • We ensure that there is a total and proper execution of your wishes

In order to meet these objectives, we have categorized our services as follows:

  • Will writing – We ensure that you take care of your estate by bequeathing your loved ones in a manner that you wish. Without a will, the law will govern your estate and decide on the fate of any minors that you leave behind. Our will writing lawyers Singapore help you nominate executors, guardians if needed and take care of all legal clauses of the will.
  • Trust –We help you in creating a legal trust with proper documents. A trust appoints a trustee who will look after the beneficiaries of the trust as per your wishes. There are different kinds of trusts in Singapore and we help you decide which is best for you.
  • Professional Executorship & Trust Administration –We help you appoint a trustee for you estate at certain fees. Your trust administration and guarantee will take place via trust and its executors rather than be dependent on one person. We charge annual fees for trust administration. However, we provide you with the best possible services for the same and our partners include renowned firms such as PKWA, ARLC, Trident Law, among others.
  • Lasting power of attorney–As you age you may find it tough to make decisions and may want to appoint someone to take care of your estates and make decisions on your behalf. We help you to complete the legalities of appointing lasting power of attorney who will do this on your behalf.
  • Fund creation – We help you in fund creation activities via insurance planning for your assets and estates.
  • Business Succession Planning–We help generate cash flow for your business. As business succession activities we ensure that the business doesn’t die due to lack of funds. We help you tie up your business activities with fund creation aspects.
  • Will custody–We keep your will secure with us so that it gets executed eventually.